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An e-mail and web-based service that highlights each day's most important SEC filings pertaining to variable annuities. Through Contract Alerts learn about the latest VA products, pricing, and advisory arrangements as soon as they are made public.

2/17/2017 - Hartford State of Iowa Retirement Investors Club 403(b)
2/17/2017 - Minnesota Life Waddell & Reed Advisors Retirement Builder II Variable Annuity
2/17/2017 - Thrivent AdvisorFlex VA
2/17/2017 - Mutual of America Section 457 Contract
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Highlights of New Variable Annuity Fund Filings in January 2017
by Tamiko Toland 2/10/2017

There was a single new fund registrations in January. New York Life/MainStay is launching a bond index fund. The month was unusually quiet; January generally has a number of new fund filings. The fund area is in flux due to several movements in the industry. A rising market has made many question the performance of managed volatility funds, not to mention some potential compliance issues around shunting investors into such funds within existing benefits. While it’s premature to say that managed volatility has lived beyond its usefulness, it is fair to conclude that the trend is not running rampant and the demand for new funds is low. Also, the DOL conflict of interest rule has focused attention on passive investing and the use of passive vehicles with an active strategy as an alternative to allocation among actively managed funds. If anything, we are more likely to see a rise in passive-based allocation funds.

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Fund Alerts Search Fund Alerts

A web-based service that highlights most important SEC filings pertaining to variable annuity underlying funds daily. Through Fund Alerts one may stay on top of latest VA underlying funds, pricing changes, sub-advisor changes, and advisory arrangements.

2/17/2017 - Lord Abbett Ins Ser Value Opportunities
2/17/2017 - JNL Multi-Manager Alternative
2/17/2017 - Variable Portfolio Nuveen Winslow Large Cap Growth
2/17/2017 - AST Schroders Global Tactical
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