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Variable Annuity Living Benefits and Eligible Funds
Summary descriptions of recent living benefits with comprehensive fund data on the underlying eligible investments


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How clients can leverage the report:


  • Competitive intelligence
  • Product management
  • Investment selection

Asset managers

  • Sub-advisory relationships
  • Better understand the living benefit landscape

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Table of Contents and Executive Summary

Report factsheet

Webcast: Nov 30, 2010

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Annuity Insight is pleased to announce a new report that provides key information on the industry’s most popular and newly innovated living benefits. “Variable Annuity Living Benefits and Eligible Funds” includes benefit and fund data updated to September 2010.

This report serves as a comprehensive guide to 28 benefits of the latest VA living benefits from 18 companies. Investment restrictions have become an increasingly important element of living benefits. Our latest research combines living benefit information along with eligible fund data, allowing for in-depth analysis and a complete view of how each feature works.

For benefits with custom allocation models, both the comparison grid and benefit summary include the minimum fixed allocation. In addition, we include a proprietary calculation of the maximum equity exposure, a more precise indication of the possible equity investment. Each benefit summary is coupled with detailed fund information on asset allocations, performance (absolute and relative), and fees, organized conveniently by investment category.

The report includes individual investment options, insurer-driven model asset allocation programs, and client-driven custom allocation programs.

  • Monitor competing living benefit options
  • Identify investment limitations associated with key living benefits
  • Identify maximum equity exposure, a proprietary calculation
  • Compare living benefits and investment options across VA providers
  • Compare fund performance and fund composition of the eligible investment options

The report features:

  • Quick reference grid of all benefits included in the report
  • Living benefit fees
  • Guaranteed withdrawal percentages, enhancements, and adjustments to the benefit base
  • Details on eligible fund categories, including DCA, fixed accounts, individual funds and asset allocation programs
  • Fund data including:  total return, asset allocation, Morningstar rating, performance ranking relative to peers, fees

Our team is available to provide additional support to help our clients better absorb the report. We offer valuable additional insights into the trends and environment that are driving the business today and are pleased to arrange meetings in person or via the web.


For information on the report or to request a sample, contact:

Lindsay Fetherman
Business Development Associate

For more information on the contents of the report, contact:

Tamiko Toland
Managing Director, Retirement Income Consulting