In Plan Guarantees:
Identifying Trends and Opportunities in an Evolving Marketplace

With growing concerns about the adequacy of the defined contribution system to provide retirement income for workers, there has been more interest in lifetime income guarantees for participants. However, there is little information about this marketplace, which has experienced slow growth over the last eight years yet promises great potential.

This report includes descriptions of 14 in-plan guarantees including grids that provide convenient links to manufacturer product information and IRA rollover products. Gain a better understanding of the strategy of each product and the rationale behind the product design.

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Annuity Insight is pleased to announce a new report that sheds light on an evolving area of retirement income, in-plan guarantees. "In-Plan Guarantees: Identifying Trends and Opportunities in an Evolving Marketplace" details this nascent marketplace, including specifics on the products that are available and a perspective on the future for these products.

Our team is available to provide additional support to help our clients better absorb the report. We offer valuable additional insights into the trends and environment that are driving the business today and are pleased to arrange meetings in person or via the web.


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Allana Burke
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